Will Smoking And Drinking Hurt My Voice?

March 2, 2018

Yes - Why do I even have to answer this?

  • It really depends how much you are drinking and smoking

  • If it’s weed in what ways are you using it? Pipe? Vaporizing? Concentrates?

  • Alcohol thins your blood and makes it easier for blood vessels on or near the vocal cords to rupture

  • Try to Vape


If you’re going to drink


  • Biggest issue is that it dehydrates your body

  • Drink equal amounts if water

  • If you’re doing shots, try to remember you have to sing tomorrow

  • Sleep with a humidifier at night

  • Take antacid or reflux medications


If you’re going to use weed


  • Use a water pipe to avoid the heat

  • Eat edibles instead

  • Use a vaping pen

  • Use a device that cancer patients use (volcano)


 Oh look, a topic I've been asked about one hundred time or more. Let's agree that this is a topic that isn't really talked about, and most people avoid discussing it other than don't do it.  As a professional I must tell you DO NOT drink or smoke, ever. Singers have to be extra and be prepared for when things go wrong. The last thing you need to be worrying about is harming your voice when it's completely avoidable. Being a true rockstar means eating right, getting exercise, and being in bed by 11pm everynight. Your fans want to see you give your best and be around for a long time


If you're going to do it, because you are, let's talk about ways to curb the stress and damage smoke and alcohol can put on the voice. First, we need to determine how much you are drinking. Alcohol thins the blood and an access amount can lead to an easy ruptured blood vessle on or around the vocal cords. I've worked with a few singers where a ruptured blood vessle has nearly ruined their voice. A way to reduce this possibility is to drink 1 part alcohol to 2 parts water (kinda how you make rice, right?). Heartburn will be a factor if you are drinking at all as it loosens the muscles that keep stomach contents in the stomach and not in your throat. Take an antacid.


If you're going to use weed do not burn it in a pipe or a joint, instead vaporize or eat it. Smoke is harmful to the voice because the substance being used is burned, which causes heat and other particles to be inhaled. Hot smoke of any kind will dry out your voice, make you coughand produce thick mucus in your lungs among other more serious conditions. Another option if you're going to use weed is to eat edibles like thc chocolate, cookies and candies. There are so many ways to use thc and cbd that doesn't imclude heat and burning.


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