Choosing A Voice Coach

May 2, 2019


Having taught thousands of voice lessons, trained dozens of vocal coaches, built numerous voice studios, and meeting hundreds of voice teachers I can tell you most of them are not great voice teachers. Here's a fews things to consider before you choose and pay a vocal coach:



Can They Sing?

You guys, this is a serious problem in the voice teaching community. Anyone can learn to give you vocal exercises and scales, but can they demonstrate them with their voice effectively? Can your teacher even SING A SONG and not sound like Mary Poppins? Don't be afraid to ask your coach to sing for you so. If they don't sound good or say they can't find another voice coach.


Do They Understand Music?

Voice teachers can fool you by playing scales on a piano.  If your vocal coach cannot tell you what key your song is and has no understanding of musical jargon find a new voice coach.


Proven Track Record of Results?

Most voice teachers teach because it produces, for them, some extra cash. Not this this is wrong, but ask yourself what the underlying intention is of the person being considered. Successful voice teachers usually have students and clients who win at vocal competitions or have awards of some sort. If they are just teaching for cash on the side while working another job with no intention to expand, grow or focus on their teaching find another voice coach.


Do They Teach Voice Mixing?

Here's the answer you should recieve (or somewhat get back): Yes, I teach how to access all vocal registers and blend them into one seamless easily produced voice. If they have no clue what you are talking or sound like they are singing in "different voices" find another voice coach,


Where Do They Teach?

I have quite a few voice teacher friends that I've taught and developed successfully teaching at voice and music studios and even opening their own. You can often find great singing teachers at studios, but they're not all going to be dedicated to you. The studio typically binds the teacher or coach to the rules and policies that can be ill fitted for professional singers, stars and touring artists. If you're not joining soccer this year and want to learn about singing then by all means join a music or voice teaching studio. If you are a serious vocalist with real performance needs and concerns find a real vocal coach.


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