Q: How Do I Get Over Stage Fright?

July 2, 2018



  • Sing a verse and chorus at open mics, coffee shops and cafe’s

  • Video yourself singing a small snippet of a songs to practice

  • Have three short songs you can wip out at anytime and sing

  • Practicing often with the performance instrumental instead of the original version

  • Rehearse you shortened songs in front of a mirror regularly


Shaking & Anxiety

  • Get the nervous system to relax

  • Try CBD oil, edibles or caplets (if you're of age and it's legal in your state)

  • Ask your doctor about a prescription for beta blockers

  • Hold off on caffeine and nicotine before the show

  • This is not a long term fix. It’s for temporary and emergency uses

Fight the Nerves

  • Fifteen minutes or so minutes before a show have some space and alone time - from everyone

  • Listen to relaxing or classical music while meditating in low light

  • Regular deep breathing exercise while lying down

  • Remember the applause and cheering is so worth it in the end




I've been there before: lip quivering, hand shaking, and vibrato is out of control. Member? You've probably been there before. In this article we'll cover both easy and more involved ways to reduce your stage anxiety. The only real way to make significant progress with your stage fears is to sing a lot in many different places. Sounds counterintuitive, right? Maybe you sing a song as the opening act at a local band's show. There are a few things you should keep in mind before your first big performance.


Open mics and coffee shops go very well together. If you ask around or google your local small business coffee shops there's probably open mic at least once per week on their patio or indoor areas. You will start running into the same people on the regular, once this starts happening you'll quickly develop a strong group of like minded performers who support eachother. This method obviosuly requires a lot of work and being persistent at supporting local bands and running into friends at open mic.


I recommed to my singers that they give themselves atleast 15 minutes before each show to meditaite and focusing on deep breathing. The benefits of meditation before your performance are immeasurable. Meditating will get you out of that paniced anxiety driven state that is stage freight or performance nerves. If things get severe, try asking your Dr. for Beta Blockers and use CBD to calm your body. If you choose to use CBD make sure you are cautious about the dosage. It's been said using CBD and having as short meditation before your performance will put you at ease.



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