5 Things You Need In Your Gig Bag

August 15, 2018

Here are 5 things all singers must have in their gig bag at each show. Don't have a gig bag?? Here's a list of what you'll need.

  • Sweat rags oil & blots

  • Microphone and cable, batteries, and various adapters and audio cables

  • Personal atomizer or vaporizer

  • Bottles of water

  • Lozenges and throat sprays

This is a pretty straight forward article about items you should always be carrying in your gig bag to every performance.  I tend to sweat a lot and have mildly oily skin so I bring fluffy cotton rags to dab my face (not wipe) free of sweat then follow it up with an oil blot. An oil blot is a thin piece of film you use to remove oil on your face and can be found in cosmetic sections of stores. Make sure you pack a really good microphone (all singers should have one) along with an XLR microphone cable to have just in case and various adapterrs and audio cables. I know this sounds like a lot but you will run into multiple scenarious where you'll wish you had your favorite mic or an iphone adapter. Singers have to be a little extra because the possibility of something going wrong looms over head of every performance, you've got to be prepared.


Did you know you can get a personal atomizer on amazon? Yeah, you can. An atomizer turns saline solution into a cool inhalable mist that will help keep the vocal cords hydrated and open up the lungs. Speaking of hydration, bring two bottles of water in your gig bag to sip on before and in between performances. Obviously maintaing hydration from the start is the best solution to keep you vocal cords in great shape. If you've got a scratchy throat, or not feeling one hundred, you can purchase over the counter sprays and lozenges to ease and soothe your voice.


There are many lozenges available on amazon like Thayers Slippery Elm Lozenges, mousturizing mints, and lozenges that actually make your mouth more wet incase you're feeling dry. Voice sprays can be helpful if they have things like glycerin and slippery elm in their ingredients. As you can see, being a little prepared by packing these things in your gig bag will make you more emotionally relaxed and vocally successful.


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