Q: How Do I Get Private Audition?

January 2, 2019

Here's how some of the world best talent is found and presented to the network. 

Catching The Eye of a Casting Person

  • Have a consistent & unique personal style and brand showcased throughout social media platforms.

  • Team up with other YouTubers & social stars to collaborate on a cover song to increase your chances of being seen online.

  • If casting sees you popping up in more than one place, they’ll likely reach out to you.

  • Don't always come across too polished or professional as some shows want to be a part of talent development. (Know your show)

  • Casting people prefer likeable people who are honest and not afraid to be themselves.


Your Checklist

  • Go to websites of each show and submit yourself through their online audition process.

  • Only a handful of people oversee the casting process, so make sure your content is easily accessible onine using hashtags.

  • Watch the credits for the casting people and see if you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Cover hit songs that just have hit the radio or web and use hashtags on #songname and #artist.

  • Post videos regularly on youtube & instagram .


When Casting Reaches Out

  • Check your DMs and inboxes.. always.

  • Make sure your email is easy to access. Always check your e-mail.

  • They may text you so be on the look out for their messages

  • Be straight to the point and make sure your media is IMMEDIATELY accessible.

  • Be easy to work with willing to follow the process. If you are a mom and reading this - nobody cares about your soccer schedule.


There are some things you need to have in place if you want to score a private audition for shows like American Idol, The Voice, The Four, America's Got Talent, and more. Your social media should be up to date and engaging so that the casting producers can easily find you. Post a mixture of media about your life including small clips of you singing on all social media platforms. You'd be surprised what one GREAT or TERRIBLE fifteen second singing video can bring you. Now, do not make these videos "professional" or lip synced; they want to see you in a natural unperfect environment. Maybe you are having a great voice day and decide to record yourself singing with your guitar in the living room. When covering a song you intend to post or share online -- keep it short. Nobody wants to listen to your full rendition of At Last


Having your social media set up with short singing clips and hashtags is the absolute best way to be found online and possibly get invited for a private audition. Confidence. You have to exude calm confidence on your videos and social media interactions. Casting Producers are on to those of you who post covers where you lip sync over pre-recorded tracks, we hate it. We really want to see what you are like, in real life.


Check your DMs. Always. This is where casting producers reach out to potential private audition candidates. When you make contact with a CP try to keep in mind that casting is an intricate and strange process, with no seeming rhyme or reason. CPs are often under the gun to find the best talent as quickly as possible; they're in a hurry. Keep communication straight forward and short in the initial casting process until you are actually scheduled for a private audition. Reply to a CPs phone call, text, or e-mail as quickly as you possibly can so that they can get the information necessary to move you forward in the process. Here are some more audition tips for American Idol, The Voice, The Four and more.


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