What do award-winning singers, singing tv show finalists, and television personalities have in common? Artists and professional singers turn to Emmett Hayes for vocal preparation, vocal coaching, and vocal advice. Voice problems can lead to fear and self-confidence issues for a singer, and that's where he comes in.  Emmett Hayes has been educating the Greater Sacramento Valley region on voice and performance topics for more than 15 years. His unique vocal technique is adaptable and applicable to singers of all ages and musical styles. Emmett has exceptional ears and can work with your voice online and in-home, for Auburn, CA residents.


If you're tired of your voice fatiguing, running out of air, and cracking you have found the best vocal prescription.  Emmett Hayes has spent more than a decade as a vocal coach and technical voice instructor.  Having taught thousands of voice lessons from new singers to celebrity artists, and more than one hundred public vocal master classes, he has developed a proven and effective vocal technique.


  • Voice exercises that develop and build all registers of the voice.

  • Sing from the bottom to the top of your voice seamlessly and easily by eliminating cracking and voice breaks.

  • Control your airflow, larynx position, and vowel to allow your unique style to shine.


In an industry where "time is money" a skillful voice coach can save singers hours of studio time, days of vocal rest, and thousands of dollars in ticket refunds due to vocal issues. Eliminate the vocal fatigue, cracking, flipping and jumping through vocal hoops. Get personalized, straight-forward coaching and expert technical voice coaching in your Auburn home by booking a voice evaluation today.




May 19, 2019

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May 2, 2019

Here's 5 things to consider before selecting a voice teacher. Can they sing? Do they understand music? What's their track record?

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Living in Sacramento, CA

Looking to move to Sacramento, CA? We’ve got everything you want to know about the key factors that could make this the best place for you, including Sacramento, CA real estate. Let’s start with the basics: Sacramento, CA is located in Placer County. It has a population of 13,785, and we have a cool graph below that shows the city’s ethnic diversity, as well as other important facts and figures.


What about the cost of living in Sacramento, CA? The median income in Sacramento, CA is $53,984 and the median home value is $340,700, which should give you a pretty good idea of its affordability.


Singing lessons  Sacramento, CA

If you are looking for professional singing lessons in Sacramento, CA you have come to the right place! In the future, group singing classes in Sacramento, CA may be available to singers. Singing can be easy and not difficult if you find a vocal coach to help you overcome your vocal obstacles. Personal in-home singing lessons are available to singers in Sacramento, CA



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