Personalized Professional Voice Coaching

Emmett is always developing and creating something exciting! Whether it's coaching, artist development, casting, or television production, it's guaranteed to deliver an exciting time.



Each singer has a unique vocal ability and with regular private coaching and technical voice training, you'll learn to eliminate vocal-flaws and overcome vocal-fears.


  • Substantially increase vocal range

  • Know the causes of vocal fatigue and how to keep it from happening

  • Master your tone and vocal support through specifically designed vocal exercises
  • Control you air-flow while singing and speaking

  • Advanced vocal tuning and vowel modification


Some professional vocalists just don't have the ability to schedule regular coaching at the same time every week. Coaching on Skype or FaceTime makes scheduling remarkably easy, even if there are last-minute scheduling changes. 

  • No cancellation fees

  • Clients can easily schedule or reschedule via text, online or e-mail

  • Flexibility to work with singer's schedules week to week


Working within the casting field has its perks. Emmett has an insight into how these shows work and what it is they are looking for. If you have a preferred audition ticket or front of the line pass Emmett will help you brush up for your exciting audition!


  • Identify your unique and personal brand

  • Magnify the special quirks that make you interesting and entertaining.

  • Strategize your song key and selection to match your style and elevate your audition to the next level.

  • Learn WHAT NOT TO DO

  • Learn what the scouts and casting directors are looking for



Emmett understands the rigors and demands touring and regularly performing can put on a singer. Years of experience and training reveals the importance of being a supporting member of an artist's team. Sometimes voice training is the only "me" time a busy artist gets.


  • Interface with artist, manager, or label representative on scheduling and executing an effective and maintainable vocal regimen.

  • Set-list, song order and song key recommendations that work well for the singer but still exciting to the audience. 

  • Advice on how to stay healthy and avoid getting sick while promoting and touring.

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