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Emmett Hayes

Emmett Hayes is a highly accomplished individual in the entertainment industry, with impressive credentials as a TV personality, celebrity vocal coach, and TV casting producer.


Vocal Coaching:

As a celebrity vocal coach, Emmett has trained some of the industry's most exceptional and brightest talents. His singers have appeared on hit TV competition series, including American Idol, X-FACTOR, America's Got Talent, Rising Star, Next Star, and Boyband. Additionally, his singers have opened for and performed alongside well-known artists such as Zendaya, Little Mix, and Cher Lloyd, and have entertained audiences at various fairs, festivals, and Six Flags theme parks.


Technique, Style, and Performance Coaching:

Emmett is a master at teaching singers the art of balancing their voice to sing seamlessly through their entire range. He provides instruction in style, vocal technique, and performance abilities, making sure that his students are well-rounded artists, prepared for a career in the spotlight.


Auditioning and Making it on TV Shows:

Emmett's expertise extends beyond vocal coaching, as he has vast experience in preparing singers for TV show voice competitions. He teaches them the do's and don'ts of auditioning with casting departments, helping them navigate the paperwork, communication, and song selection required to succeed in this highly competitive industry.


Casting Producer Credits:

Emmett has produced hit TV shows such as Boyband on ABC, Fam Jam on Disney Channel, Dance 100 on Netflix, and Floored on Roku. His keen eye for talent has helped launch the careers of many rising stars.


On-Camera Talent Credits:

Emmett is also a gifted on-camera talent who has appeared on numerous popular TV shows, including Top Chef on Bravo, Storming Area 51 on Discovery + and Travel Channel, Unidentified with Demi Lovato on Peacock, UFOs and Alien Abductions: 75 Years of Roswell on Tubi, and Stupid Pet Tricks with Sarah Silverman on TBS. His versatility and talent as an entertainer are truly impressive.


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